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The British Commonwealth (often referred to as the Commonwealth of Nations) is a voluntary association of independent sovereign states located throughout the world.The head of the Commonwealth is Great Britain's Queen Elisabeth II, and all member nations with the exception of England itself,are former colonies of the British Empire. Prominent members of the British Commonwealth include Canada, England,Australia,New Zealand and Fiji.

Central to the mission of the British Commonwealth is a rigid adherence to high quality drug standards equivalent to those existing in Canada and the United States.

Seniors Discount Health Services is proud to provide service from its Nexus Drugstore family of branch pharmacies situated throughout the British Commonwealth. We offer dispensing of certain pharmaceuticals direct from outside Canada but within the British Commonwealth to prevent customers from undue waiting for drugs that currently are in short supply in Canada. Back-ordering and waiting for Canadian shipments at a later date ,is of course still the customer's option.

Should an order be partially shipped from outside Canada, it will incur NO additional shipping charges.If an order is entirely shipped from outside Canada only the original $15.00 shipping charge will apply.(as if the shipment originated in Canada)

If you have any Questions or Concerns pertaining to the above,please feel free to call our toll-free customer service at 1-866-571-7377 (PDPS).