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Seniors Discount Health Services through their Canadian partner’s, uses the volume buying power of their clients to find the lowest prices and safest prescription drugs available. We concentrate on providing Government of Canada approved generic and brand name drugs. Seniors Discount Health Services uses our vast network of pharmacy partners to find you the safest least expensive prescription medications so that you may concentrate on enjoying your life.

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba-Canada, Seniors Discount Health Services will fill your prescription under Manitoba Pharmacy Association (MPhA) License number 32533. We have available for your support a fully licensed staff willing to assist with any prescription drug counseling, service or other related issues. Simply call 1-866-571-7377 (PDPS).

Seniors Discount Health Services' mandate is to source the lowest priced, safest medications in order to allow you to live your life to the fullest. We use our expertise to find the best deals for our American clients who should be able to lead a lifestyle free of the overly high priced medications currently charged for the same type medications available in the United States.

Choose England!! One of America’s strongest partners on the International scene is also one of Seniors Discount Health Services partners. Due to Big Pharma’s attempt to halt the supply of inexpensively priced medications coming from Canada to American consumers we have partnered with branch pharmacies in England to provide the same safe medications currently available in Canada but in restricted supply. This will ensure that you get your medication at fair prices to ensure that you can continue to enjoy your lifestyle and life